I was dissatisfied with existing Cucumber formatters and spent a few hours figuring out the API and dismantling the Pretty formatter in order to create this. Cukeplusplus is inspired by the easy to read colorized output of Emerge, Gentoo’s package manager.

It has no dependancies other than Cucumber itself, and I’m kind of in love with how it looks on my terminal. Honestly the code is a mess, it was written during a 32-hour coding session and my primary goal was useful output in the fastest time possible. So I’ll do some code cleanup, finish the Readme, and package it as a gem; then post some screenshots and a screencast!

If anyone wants to help out or has some suggestions, feel free to throw them my way, fork the code on Github and send me a pull request!

Planned features: Show more detail about the running step and compile statistics to catch particularly slow steps so we can optimize test running time. I’d like to add more colors, but I’m kinda digging the way it looks right now. I may add optional 256 color support, so I can use more shades of grey and make sure people can see the same attractive colors I see in my own terminal!