This codebase combines a lot of awesome features from several forks of GitX and I use it almost every day. There’s a binary build in the download section packaged up in a DMG and ready to play with.

Key features:

  • Auto-reloading of repos when they change
  • File history
  • Blame
  • Syntax hilighting of files

In addition to the features of GitX that have been around a while:

  • Browsable file hierarchies as they existed per commit
  • Graphical branching and commit history
  • Merge local and remote branches
  • Add and fetch remote repositories
  • Partial-file (patch level) staging and discarding
  • Diff between commits, branches, repos, staged and unstaged files
  • Write commit messages and commit changes

Keep in mind that I’m not an Objective-C developer, and I only made minor tweaks and judgement calls on what features to keep between forks when I merged them. The work here is derived from half a dozen forks and the work of many more developers.

There’s constantly more work being done on GitX by tons of people, so check out what they’re doing on Github!


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