Rails webserver research


  • Unicorn’s deployment strategy is superior to Passenger’s, it allows upgrades of application code and even of the Unicorn binary itself without downtime. Oh yeah, and its also faster and uses less memory than passenger.
  • Nninx seems to be easier to configure and its purported to be faster and use less memory than apache.

Side notes

  • Thin is great for serving up tiny, fast requests, and has better memory usage than anything else.
  • Passenger has some cases where it may periodically respond to some requests when its overloaded.

Server Benchmarking


Setup Guide for nginx and Unicorn

Passenger, Thin, Unicorn

Info on Unicorn

Info on Passenger (note the nginx graph)

Web servers

Popular services’ server choices

More Cool Stuff

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Passenger in development

Twitter uses MySQL for storing Tweets, and Cassandra for statistics and datamining